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  • Creature Comforts | Marine Resources with Director Joe Spraggins

    Today, on the show we welcome Joe Spraggins, Director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. Director Spraggins and M-D-M-R have made it their mission to protect, enhance, and conserve Mississippi’s marine interests. So we want to talk with him about all aquatic wildlife in our great state, from the Gulf Coast to simple wetlands.We also have Dr. Majure here for your pet questions.Email the show:

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  • Creature Comforts | Bird Migration with Joe Mcgee

    Today, we return to a topic that we never seem to exhaust bird migration. With the Autumn Equinox (first day of fall) just around the corner, the fall migration of small land birds (and other types of birds as well) continues now in earnest. We welcome back biologist Joe Mcgee to let us know which birds can now be seen around the state. We also have Dr. Majure here for your pet questions.Email the show:
  • Creature Comforts | Emails and Calls about Tails and Paws

    Today is an all pet day here on Creature Comforts. So the doors to the pet hospital are wide open. We welcome all your pet questions from the big to the small.As always, Dr. Troy Majure, DVM, with the Animal Medical Center and Libby Hartfield, Retired Director of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, is here if you have any concerns about your furry friends or general wildlife experiences. Email the show:
  • Creature Comforts | Dr. Wesley Shoop

    Today on the show we welcome Dr. Wesley Shoop, who just released the new book, Mississippi's Natural Heritage: Photographs of Flora and Fauna. No stranger to the great outdoors we will talk with Dr. Shoop about his recent observations of Mississippi wildlife, photographing Le Fleurs Bluff State Park, and the inspiration behind his new book, published by the University Press of Mississippi. Also Dr. Majure is here for your pet questions and Libby likes to hear about your recent brushes with nature.Email the show:
  • Creature Comforts | Ants

    Today, we welcome Joe MacGown, Ant Curator at the Mississippi Entomological Museum. Ants are among the most numerous of creatures on the planet, and play a significant role in many ecosystems. We talk ants today, and how they effect Mississippi wildlife. Email the show:
  • Creature Comforts | Observing Urban Wildlife from a Distance

    The term "urban wildlife" may conjure up thoughts of squirrels and birds in one's backyard, but it also encompasses creatures like raccoons and possums that tend to emerge mainly during the night. Adam Rohnke from the Central Mississippi Research and Extension Center at Mississippi State University joins us to delve into the topic of urban wildlife and how to safely observe the natural world.Email the show:
  • Creature Comforts | Tigers and Zebras in Mississippi

    Tigers and Zebras are great animals to observe but what would you do if they suddenly appeared in your backyard? Well, today the tigers and zebras we're going to talk about are butterflies that can be found in various parts of the state. To talk about these beautiful creatures as well as his own recent nature observations, we welcome back to the show our good friend biologist Joe McGee.Email the show: